Hello. Welcome to my worlds. Yes, there is more than one universe on this web page. To your right is The Mustache Man, a scifi novel in serial form published every week for the next eighteen weeks. The Mustache Man will not disappear if you respond. I’ll publish a link to a new chapter every week in face book. To the left  under trailers and downloads is  “Remain Calm,” written by Dyan Cavalli and myself.  The  Remain Calm clip  is a trailer followed by the opening scene including Frankenstein as a monster complete with snoopie growl. Re:UndineOdine is a musical written by Odine Hofstahl and myself. If you want to listen to the music, it’s there. These worlds are not just mine. The Mustache Man belongs to Pete Vargas and Detective Carlton James (who may or may not be an angel in disguise); her partner Ex Detective Robert Schulman (Shul) and Pete Vargas’ family, Chance Montclaire, her daughter Jewels and Bert the bulldog with his milky way eyes. The world of “Remain Calm” is inhabited by Gin and Lou, Frankenstein, Mary Shelley and Byron and her husband, Shelley. The musical, “RE:UDINEODINE” belongs to Ben and Odine, who sing and write letters over the internet and the Fates, Pill Box, Cassy and Mary. So, whether you’re celebrating Christmas alone or with friends, welcome to my worlds. I hope your apartment doesn’t get as crowded as mine with all these people from all these different universes.

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