The Mustache Man

Chapter Four


“I’m ready.”

            “For what?”

            “To hear your story.”

            “Only if you’re ready to tell me yours.”

            “I don’t have a story. Just a small town girl who didn’t do well in school until she wandered into computer labs at a community college and began to convert data into patterns. I haven’t been married, I’ve never had a boyfriend and the only man who ever interested me is Detective Robert , my ex partner. Please Pete, tell me your story.”

So every time Pete probed Carlton would probe back. All right. If that was the game he would play. He had to get back to Chance and Jewels and Bert. Maybe Carlton knew the way

“Do you have all night?”

            “I keep my own hours down here.”

            “And when I finish my story and if I don’t disappear in the middle of it?”

            “I’m going to close up the Vault and take you to meet my ex-partner, Detective Robert , ex detective Robert .”

            “If I refuse?”

            “Pete, you have no choice.”


            “Because you have nowhere to go until you return to that woman, her little girl and their bulldog who are waiting for you.”

            “And if I vanish in the middle of my story? That’s what happens. The pressure gets too great and I just disappear. Is that what happens to you, Carlton? Is that why you disappear?”

            “I told you Pete, I disappear when I’m called. And the next time you disappear Mustache Man I’ll follow you and bring you back.”

            “Who are you, really?”

            “I’m just a Detective in charge of storage data with has an ex partner who didn’t know when to quit.”

She wouldn’t admit she was an angel but Pete Vargas who had been meeting angels disguised as mortals all his life didn’t believe her. He’d let that go for now.

“What does any of this have to do with me?”


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