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Remain Calm

Gin and Lou are back together, not as lovers but collaborating on a screen play about Mary Shelley, the creator of Frankenstein. In walks Frankenstein himself. The play poses the question whether lovers whose paths have separated through the storm of love can return to each other as friends? This is what “Remain Calm” is truly about: two people, Gin and Lou who cannot stop helping each other get through life’s storms. At the end of “Remain Calm” Gin and toast each other as Mary Shelley looks on from the mist of the past. They have invoked her ghost to help them get past the illusions of betrayal and the disappointments of love. They are truly friends again.


Frankenstein has just delivered a gift to them: Mary Shelley’s secret journal with the missing pages the world has never seen. They will work on a screen play of Mary Shelley’s life as the play ends. And they will continue to work on the living relationship of a friendship that is truly “until death do us part.” In a world that sometimes feels like it’s going “to hell in a basket” perhaps this is the best that some of us can do: Preserve the love between friends who were once lovers, forgive and go on to fortify our spirits against the reversals of fortune this world holes in store for us. With humor, wit and fantasy (Frankenstein speaks and sings at the end of the play) “Remain Calm” is a small beacon of hope for those of us who believe that friendship must endure beyond the vicissitudes of love.