The Mustache Man

Chapter Fourteen



            Pete was losing track of the time he and Carlton had spent down here in The Vault. He had slept here how long, one, two three nights? He wouldn’t let Carlton continue to probe him until she revealed more about herself. He was damned if he’d let her interview him without his finding out this who young woman really was. What kind of department would give her carte blanche to delve into their data and crack cases with no hint as to how she solved them? And why was she so devoted to this ex-detective Robert Schulman who she called Shul? Why had Shul been fired for investigating a case dubbed godbaby, a case that sounded like it bordered on the occult or the paranormal?



            “No, I won’t answer any more of your questions unless you really let me interview you. You want to know more about me and that damn thing that hunts me and why people die around me? I want to get back to Chance and my family but Carlton I’ve got to know more about you. Why should I reveal my life to you and my dreams and this crazy stuff I call my disappearances unless you level with me.”

            “All right.”

            “I’ve got this feeling inside me like I’m going to explode and shatter into fragments and get swept away, swept away do you understand but I can’t trust you unless you reveal more of who you are, Carlton, who you really are?”

            “I said all right.”

            “I want to get back to Chance and Jewels and Bert. I lay awake nights worrying that that bastard will return even though she took out an injunction against him. But hell injunctions don’t mean shit these days, do they?”

            Carlton reached out and risked it again. She took Pete’s hand in hers. He stopped and looked at her.

            “I’m ready. Interview me.”


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