The Mustache Man

Chapter Twenty Four


First there was static, then music so otherworldy Chance could have sworn there were angels singing not boys, then she heard the strained, hoarse voice of a man (or was it a woman) she couldn’t tell answering the questions Detective Robert Schulman (and sometimes Carlton) asked:

“Your name is George Marlson?”

“Just call me Marlston.”

“And you have been accused and convicted of the murder of two ten year old boys from your choir, Ted and Lewis Mumford?”

“I have been accused and convicted. And I will pay for a crime I didn’t commit tomorrow in the early morning hours.”

“And you’ve called me here to read a statement you’ve prepared.”

“I have.”’

“And why Marlston should I listen to your statement. The boys shirts were found in your locker stained with their blood. They are witnesses who testified that at breaks you disappeared with the boys and once, the last time you turned the choir practice over to your assistant and didn’t return for hours, is that correct?”

“Yes, that’s all correct.”

“Then why am I here?”

There was silence and a minute or more of static. Then the music began again. Marlston must have stopped the music.

“The facts are these:” Marlston began. God is kidnapping people and sending his hunters, the angels to take them home. Not everyone. Of course not.And the two boys, Ted and Lewis,  the reason no one could find their bodies was that they had been kidnapped and they will be reborn as god-babies. “ END OF CHAPTER TWENTY FOUR MUSTACHE MAN

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