Stephen Hotchner is a playwright who has taught college for twenty five years in English and Theater departments.  Twelve of his plays  are published and produced all over the country. He is the author of “Dracula,” a full length play version of the Dracula legend, “The Dinosuar Play” and “Love Is a Hot Fudge Sundae,” a play about teenage suicide. Brooklyn play publishers have just published Dr. Hotchner’s “Rapunzel, a Hair Story” co-written with Dyan V. Cavalli. Heuer play publishers recently published his “Cindergirl.” He is an actor with over forty year’s professional experience. He helped found A Company of Players, a nationally known children’s Theater based at the Arvada Center for the Arts in Arvada, Colorado. Stephen is currently at work on his next musical, “Subway” with Dyan Cavalli. He has just serialized his novel, “The Mustache Man” on his web page. Go to to follow “The Mustache Man.”


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